SevOne Data Insight

User-friendly features for creating customizable visualizations and workflows that enhance network monitoring

Simple, Reusable & Scalable Reporting

  • New interface to easily build a report once – in both dark and light mode – then reuse it for different regions/offices, saving hours of report building.
  • Enable consistent reporting across multi-site operations teams.
  • Reports data in seconds – easily scales to support the largest SevOne NMS Clusters, with thousands of users.

Simple & Reusable Troubleshooting Workflows

  • Build “drill-downs” between reports into a troubleshooting workflow – then reuse the workflow over and over across multiple users and teams for increased operational consistency.
  • Links reports to easily move from “awareness to analysis”.

Simple Unification of SevOne & 3rd Party Data

  • Integrate with Jupyter notebooks to visualize 3rd party data sources alongside SevOne data in the same dashboard.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

Any User

Easily customize views for any user in the organization—from operations and engineering teams to line of business owners

Any Data

Enable customers, partners, and community to visualize and create customized workflows between SevOne and 3rd Party data

Flexible Reports

Leverage smart filters to build flexible reports that drive efficiency—collapse hundreds of reports into one

Flexible Workflows

Create business specific workflows through shareable interactive content

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