SevOne & NetApp OnCommand Insight Integration Guide


For storage administrators, network engineers and operations professionals who use both NetApp® OnCommand® Insight and SevOne performance monitoring, the ability to integrate the two is key. In doing so, they’re able to save significant time and identify potential issues before they happen. This guide provides step-bystep instructions on how to integrate these solutions.


NetApp OnCommand Insight gives administrators insight into heterogeneous storage environments. From discovery of inventory through risk detection and compliance auditing, it helps them get the most out of their storage investments.

SevOne offers the only digital infrastructure performance monitoring solution engineered for Speed at Scale for the world’s most demanding service-delivery environments. Patented SevOne ClusterTM architecture leverages distributed computing to monitor any device in the service-delivery path, integrating performance metrics, flows and logs at scale, and providing answers in seconds to prevent performance-impacting outages.

The combination of these solutions via a simple URL integration enables administrators and operators to detect and correct problems before they happen – all with a level of speed and ease they’ve never experienced before. SevOne’s ability to recognize network performance issues related to a NetApp NAS deployment, for example, provides early warning that application performance may be impacted.

SevOne Overview

More and more of today’s service delivery environments are moving to hyperscale-based infrastructures. This creates a tidal wave of data and information that needs to be monitored and analyzed, including performance metrics, data flows and logs. SevOne helps achieve this goal by removing visibility gaps and providing true speed at scale that allows users to leverage the power of integrated metrics, flows and logs. With SevOne, they can understand what happened (metrics), quickly pivot to understand why it happened (logs) and see who it happened to (flows) -- all in one integrated infrastructure monitoring system.

At the same time, legacy monitoring tools are being stretched to the breaking point. With multiple metrics, tidal waves of data and fluctuating demand, companies are struggling to monitor their infrastructure and deliver vital applications and services. And, as data increases and domains continue to expand into unchartered territories, blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays are becoming a daily reality. SevOne answers this challenge with an infrastructure monitoring solution that offers true speed at scale. In doing so, it provides access to all data in real-time, for continuous service delivery insight.

Benefits of SevOne

Remove visibility gaps  Baseline billions of metrics   Understand your infrastructure 
Integrate metrics, flows and logs Troubleshoot See the effects on the business 
Monitor public and private infrastructures  Forecast capacity Benefit from continuous service delivery insight
Include compute, network, storage, power/cooling Optimize the infrastructure  


NetApp OnCommand Insight Overview

OnCommand Insight helps users optimize storage resources and investments in a hybrid cloud environment. Its storage resource-management tools provide a cross-domain view of performance metrics for things like applications, datastores, virtual machines and storage infrastructures. It also analyzes tier assignments and makes it possible to load-balance an entire application portfolio across the storage fabric.

OnCommand Insight consists of four distinct modules:

  • Insight Assure delivers complete monitoring, risk detection and compliance auditing for complex environments.
  • Insight Perform is a scalable solution for a broad view of performance data and resource optimization.
  • Insight Plan provides global visibility of asset utilization to simplify purchasing decisions.
  • Insight Discover offers a single platform that identifies the entire inventory and integrates all the OnCommand Insight modules.

Users can employ each module individually or in any combination to address their unique business needs and requirements.


Discover orphaned and underutilized storage
Find hosts with multi-path issues
Report performance via a self-service portal linked to a CMDB
Report costs by tenant, business unit or tiers for showback or chargeback
Detect vulnerabilities in, and risks to, your environment


Use Case: Large Enterprise Deployment

A large enterprise customer has purchased several different storage platforms over the past several years to support different applications/application types. This has left them with a multi-vendor storage arrangement where some applications require that the storage is Fibre Channel attached and others use network-attached storage (NAS). OnCommand Insight measures the performance of the underlying Fibre Channel network, the storage and the devices attached to it, including virtual machines. In the case of NAS, OnCommand Insight has little visibility into the network components that could affect performance. Yet, administrators and operators need insight into network bandwidth and latency issues to understand whether they are contributors to any performance issues. By integrating OnCommand Insight with SevOne through a URL on the OnCommand Insight page specific to the NAS deployment, administrators can get a “single-click” view of the network performance in SevOne, directly from the page in OnCommand Insight. This saves the time it would take to navigate through multiple products to get the same information.

Integration Implementation

This following section assumes that OnCommand Insight and SevOne have been deployed for storage and network monitoring, and it describes the steps needed for integration between the two.

SevOne and NetApp OnCommand Insight integreation

SevOne and NetApp OnCommand Insight integreation

SevOne and NetApp OnCommand Insight integreation

SevOne Configuration Steps

Network dashboards can be built through the SevOne Report Wizard and will be specific to the section of the network where the NAS has been deployed and the servers using it are located. A sample report may contain multiple attachments showing bandwidth consumption and latency

SevOne Report Wizard

SevOne Report Wizard

Once it’s built, name the report

Name Your SevOne Report

In order to build the URL for OnCommand Insight, you need to know the report ID. Close the report you’ve built and open it in Report Manager.

Then view the URL to get the report ID.

SevOne Report ID

The last step is to build the URL that will be inserted into OnCommand Insight. It will follow this syntax:

https:/// forcelogin.php?username= endace&password=SevOne&domino=viewreport&params[reportId]= 1234&hideNav=1

Where 1234 is the actual report ID that was seen in the previous URL.

OnCommand Insight Configuration Steps

SevOne NetApp OnCOmmand Insight Configuration Steps

SevOne NetApp OnCommand Insight Configuration Steps

SevOne NetApp OnCommand Insight Configuration Steps

SevOne NetApp OnCommand Insight Configuration Steps

SevOne NetApp OnCommand Insight Configuration Steps

SevOne NetApp OnCommand Insight Configuration Steps