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A10 Networks and SevOne have partnered to create an application aware network performance management solution that enables enterprises, cloud and service providers, and government organizations to keep increasingly complex networks, servers and applications functioning at peak performance levels.

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Accedian Networks and SevOne have partnered to deliver a compelling solution to two of the most challenging service assurance problems: detecting and immediately reporting on microbursts (the short duration events that can cause massive disruption to latency sensitive business services) and delivering more granular and accurate response time measurements so network operators can quickly isolate network performance issues and identify their root cause. Through this integration, SevOne users are able to pull these sub-second polling intervals data points from Accedian solutions and provide, secure end-to-end reporting dashboards that include a complete view of the devices and the performance health of the network.

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As carriers evolve their networks to support network function virtualization, it is critical they are able to monitor their networks whether they are on dedicated, high performance networks, virtualized cloud-based architectures, or a combination of both. To help support this network evolution, SevOne, a Connected Plus Partner in the Alcatel-Lucent OSS Connected Partner Program, and Alcatel-Lucent have certified the integration of SevOne and the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager.

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To help enable our customers to monitor their IT performance from the datacenter to the cloud, SevOne has partnered with Amazon to integrate data from the Amazon CloudWatch API. This integration designed to monitor Amazon Web Services cloud resources is available today via SevOne professional services.

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SevOne has integrated with the Amdocs/Bridgewater Systems Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF). The Bridgewater PCRF is a policy server specifically designed to help service providers manage the impact of mobile data growth on their networks and generate revenue from personalized services. The integration measures BWC App Throughput for number of requests, success and failures. This integration is available today via SevOne professional services

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To help Service Providers to analyze and report on end user experience and the underlying IT infrastructure in a single platform, SevOne has partnered with AppNeta. Through this integration, Service Providers can leverage the synthetic testing of AppNeta to analyze end user experience across mobile, fixed and WiFi networks, and correlate this data in the SevOne platform. This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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Arista and SevOne have partnered to enable network performance monitoring of software driven cloud networking solutions for large data center and high-performance computing environments.

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SevOne has integrated with BMC Remedy to help automate the creation of trouble tickets with performance visibility data. This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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SevOne has integrated with CA Spectrum to raise the visibility of network performance alerts within CA Spectrum. This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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The SevOne and Cisco alliance is designed to help our mutual customers achieve the highest benefit from both companies' technologies. Cisco customers can leverage SevOne to gain improved visibility and understanding of their Cisco IT infrastructure. Cisco and SevOne work together constantly to deliver even more value to our customers across the broad Cisco portfolio, including Cisco UCS, Nexus, ASR, Catalyst and Borderless Network Architectures, supporting NetFlow, Flexible NetFlow, NBAR, IPSLA, MediaNet, Unified Communications and more.

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Combining SevOne's expertise in performance management with Edge Technologies' powerful information visualizations, single sign-on, and secure multi-tenancy provides a number of benefits to government agencies, service providers, and enterprise customers. In addition to Edge's ability to create state-of-the-art, role-based dashboards, SevOne network, application, systems, cloud, and virtualization performance data can be seamlessly combined with either raw data or pre-existing views from other tools such as device monitoring or event management systems to deliver improved troubleshooting workflow and service management.

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Emulex and SevOne had partnered to provide unprecedented visibility to bring 100% visibility to 10GbE enterprise networks through a combination of high performance, un-sampled NetFlow, and the deep insight and analytics provided by SevOne. By further parallelizing the EndaceFlow and SevOne DNC appliances, this offering can be used to scale up to 100Gb/s+ Data Center implementations, providing the most comprehensive NetFlow monitoring capability on the market for Enterprise 10Gb/s networks. For more information, see the Emulex/SevOne deployment guide:

Download The Emulex Deployment Guide

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Ericsson and SevOne have partnered to deliver performance visibility for Ericsson customers across a broad range of implementations including the following Ericsson products: Converged Packet Gateway, Mobility Management Entity and Serving Gateway. These integrations are available today via SevOne professional services.

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SevOne has integrated with EXFO BrixWorx to provide a unified dashboard of both probe and network response time metrics, for baselining, thresholding and response time indicators to provide service providers a common integrated view of both synthetic and actual network response times. This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.


ExtraHop and SevOne have partnered to give our mutual customers complete end-to-end management and visibility of their networks and the applications that run on them. ExtraHop's appliance-based technology captures detailed application performance data that SevOne's appliances, working in tandem, merge with our real-time network performance information to give our users in-depth analytics and views into their infrastructure. The integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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As the market transitions to offering network function virtualization where network services such as application load balancing and firewalling are delivered via software running on virtual machines, it is critical for customers to monitor today's physical appliances and the evolving virtual implementations as a single system.

While some F5 monitoring can be achieved via traditional SNMP polling, a comprehensive view of the performance of F5 network services functions requires a combination of SNMP polling plus scripted F5 command line access plus F5 syslog message analysis to provide a complete performance picture.

As a user of F5's BIG-IP® system, you know how important it is to keep your network performing at peak levels. At SevOne, we believe the right partnerships can help further your efforts in this area. So, we've teamed up with F5 to ensure application and service delivery of critical business services.

For more details on this integration, see the SevOne Datasheet – Monitoring F5 Load Balancers:

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SevOne has integrated with the Gemalto SIM OTA to provide performance visibility to the mobile phone activation process. The integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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Gigamon and SevOne have partnered to enable SevOne to report on Netflow records generated by the Gigamon Visibility Fabric. Offloading NetFlow Generation to an out-of-band solution like the Gigamon Visibility Fabric eliminates the risks related to using production network resources in generating these analytics. Gigamon provides scalable unsampled NetFlow Generation to Big Data environments where monitored link capacity has grown above 10Gb to 40Gb and 100Gb links.

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As customers of SevOne collect billions of network performance metrics a day and view reports in seconds, there is an increasing need for our customers to correlate their network performance data with other non-network-based Big Data for a range of business analytics purposes. With this ever-increasing amount of data comes the need to analyze more and more patterns of data.

To meet this Big Data market challenge, and help our customers draw additional insights from their data, SevOne has partnered with HP Vertica, enabling our joint customers to automatically share the billions of network performance metrics a day collected across a SevOne Cluster™ with HP Vertica.

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SevOne has integrated with Huawei's IP Multimedia System (IMS). This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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SevOne and IBM Tivoli have partnered to help Tivoli users take advantage of the automated network analytics of SevOne, and for SevOne customers to continue to leverage their Tivoli deployment while benefiting from SevOne's scalable network performance management solution. Today, the SevOne and Tivoli integration allows the Tivoli Netcool solution to receive SNMP alerts from SevOne when thresholds defined by SevOne policies are crossed. The 'Ready for Tivoli' technology group has validated this integration and listed it in the Tivoli library.

See The IBM Tivoli Integration

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Ixia and SevOne have partnered to enable SevOne to report on Netflow v9 and V10 records generated by the Ixia.


SevOne is currently integrated with Juniper JUNOS and J-Flow technologies to provide performance visibility for Juniper-based networks. SevOne has recently joined the Juniper SDN Technology Partner Program to enable the future integration of SevOne with the Juniper Contrail network virtualization solution.

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NetApp and SevOne have teamed up to provide real time storage performance metrics for NetApp storage platforms. Monitoring key metrics such as CPU Utilization, storage consumption, and read write latency along with many other stats gives system admins the insight necessary to predict bottlenecks before they happen.

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SevOne has integrated with Netscout probe technologies to include per transaction application errors/success data into a broader network performance visibility view. This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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SevOne has integrated with the Oracle/Tekelec Policy Server (PCRF). This integration is available today via SevOne professional services.

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SevOne has integrated with Samsung MME, SAE, TAS, MRF, SBC & VMIG to enhance performance visibility in the service provider market. These integrations are available today via SevOne professional services.


SevOne has partnered with VMware to ensure SevOne technology is VMware-ready. VMware has tested SevOne virtual appliances in virtual VMware environments to verify they perform with the same level of reliability as our physical appliances. VMware has validated that the performance of the SevOne virtual appliances comply with their strict guidelines. As close partners, VMware and SevOne are committed to continue to collaborate on future technologies.

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SNMP-based Integration

Products and technologies from the following vendors have been integrated via SNMP with the SevOne platform. For more details on the SNMP-accessible indicators, objects and operating systems being used by a variety of SevOne customers,
please review the SevOne SNMP Certification Listing.

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