Infrastructure Performance Monitoring
Engineered for Speed at Scale

SevOne provides real-time performance views of your entire hybrid infrastructure — including networks, applications, servers, storage, and environmentals — all from a single screen.


Collect, baseline and analyze data from routers, switches, servers and more to proactively monitor uptime of your network.


Gain advanced insight to identify potential service delivery issues for applications running on-premise, virtual or cloud.


Monitor physical, virtual and cloud resources like disk, file, memory, CPU and processess that impact application performance.


Predict storage bottlenecks and prove storage performance by monitoring both SNMP and non-SNMP storage metrics.


Manage data center energy and operational efficiency by striking a balance between compute capacity, power consumption and cooling.

Third Party Data

Collect any third party, time-stamped data and see it side by side with all of your performance statistics.

  • Collect any time series data
  • Poll down to one second granularity
  • Pivot from metrics to logs to flow
  • Receive performance deviation alerts
  • Report in seconds across the largest infrastructures

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