Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring

Automated insight into Wi-Fi service quality across an Enterprise campus

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Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring

New generations of Wi-Fi technologies are delivering higher bandwidth speeds, and many enterprises have broadened Wi-Fi coverage throughout their buildings and campuses. As a result, users have become more dependent upon their Wi-Fi enabled laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They now expect fast and reliable wireless service everywhere in the workplace – from their workstations, conference rooms and common areas across their entire enterprise campus. Providing Wi-Fi services with the same levels of quality and reliability as the old, wired Ethernet ports isn’t easy for enterprise operations and engineering teams. The SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution 2.0 gives enterprise IT and network operations complete, real-time Wi-Fi visibility and sophisticated tools for finding and fixing Wi-Fi performance issues before they impact end users.


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Gain Complete and Unified Visibility

The SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution enables network operations and engineering teams to assure their wireless infrastructure from the access points and wireless controllers to the enterprise campus network, into the corporate data center, and on to the cloud. Providing complete and unified visibility into the entire network infrastructure – including the Wi-Fi elements – gives enterprise teams the insight and actionable intelligence they need to consistently meet their users’ high Wi-Fi expectations. The SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution makes it easy for IT and networking teams to ensure that their Wi-Fi infrastructures work reliably, transparently, and seamlessly with the rest of their network environments.


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Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Services

SevOne offers a complete set of services to help your organization make the most of your Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring investment, including:

  • Implementation Services – Ensure your SevOne Solution is successfully implemented to meet your requirements, including on-boarding of new VNFs
  • Post-Implementation Services – Engage with SevOne Professional Services for the life cycle of your project with a range of Business and Platform Optimization Services
  • Custom Integration – Integration with your existing tools and solutions based on customer specific requirements
  • Gold and Platinum Maintenance –  A full suite of services from eSupport, Software Updates, 7x24 Technical Customer Assistance, 10-Day New Device and Log Certifications and more
  • Customer Training – Increase your team’s effectiveness and on-going success with customer training sessions led by SevOne experts