Using SevOne NPM to Monitor Backhaul Networks

Instantly Prove SLA Compliance

Prove Compliance

  • Gain the ability to instantly prove compliance with customer-specific SLAs.
  • Automatically generate unified SLA tests across multi-vendor and multi-system infrastructures.
  • Preserve high-quality experiences for carriers’ customers by closely monitoring SLA performance with consolidated end-to-end visibility - and rapid response when performance is trending downward.

Increase Transparency

  • Gives wireless carriers and multi-service providers the ability to instantly report on customer-specific SLA performance.
  • Gain the visibility and transparency to see and prove SLA compliance across multi-vendor backhaul infrastructures.
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Report on SLA performance for each customer quickly, thoroughly and confidently.

Isolate Impact

  • Leverage end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous backhaul infrastructure to quickly isolate and identify performance issues.
  • Alert on and prioritize issues in line with carriers’ requirements and their customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Spot and proactively address SLA performance issues before they become service-impacting events.

Why SevOne NPM for Backhaul Compliance?

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