Using SevOne NPM to Monitor Wi-Fi Networks

Complete Visibility Across Your Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Modern Network Monitoring and Analytics

SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) is a modern system. Designed to be paired up with the latest Wi-Fi offerings from vendors such as Cisco and Aruba, the solution provides Wi-Fi monitoring and management capabilities that complement and extend upon the capabilities found in the built-in, vendor-provided, Wi-Fi management tools.

Get the Whole Enterprise Wi-Fi Picture

Assuring consistent, high-quality Wi-Fi services requires a platform that can gather key performance indicators from the entire enterprise infrastructure – with speed at scale. That’s precisely what SevOne NPM delivers.

SevOne NPM provides industry-leading data collection, analytics and operational insights to the key components of enterprise wireless deployments, including the following types of Wi-Fi elements and their KPIs and metrics of interest.

Wi-Fi Client

  • Wi-Fi Client List: By device, manufacturer & OS, radio type, channel & AP association, current signal quality
  • DNS/DHCP: Service status and availability

Wireless Access Point (AP)

  • Antenna: Per antenna channel performance: utilization, interference, physical and MAC layer errors
  • Connection Utilization: Baseline access point utilization over a day, week, month
  • PoE Connection: Baseline wired PoE connection
  • Channel Management: Understand wireless baseline against full spectrum and channel design plan
  • SSID Management: Understand how SSIDs are used, configured and optimized, including beacon time, data rates, low/unused legacy frequencies (802.11b)
  • Power Levels: Monitor, report and optimize power levels against physical coverage areas

Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)

  • WLC Network Egress/Ingress: Baseline and alert on traffic on flow data, QoS and link utilization
  • WLC/End Points: Leverage flow data to know what end points are accessing the network and what QoS is being applied to what traffic types

Out of the Box Wi-Fi Dashboards

SevOne NPM delivers interactive reports to give IT, NetOps and engineering teams detailed visibility into their enterprise Wi-Fi and campus infrastructure deployments. SevOne NPM's extensive flexibility makes it easy for teams to leverage these reports or further customize them to meet their specific operational requirements.

Wireless LAN Controller Availability and Health

  • What is the current status of your WLAN controllers across your enterprise campus? What has the availability trend been? Does availability correlate at all with CPU and Memory usage?

Wireless Signal Quality

  • How does signal quality compare from one AP (or one user) to another? Where is the user located? Which AP are they associated with? Which user has sent or received the most data? Do you need to easily link to historical station data?

“Breadcrumbs” Per User Historical Troubleshooting

  • What wireless access point has a user been on over the past year?  What was their signal to noise ratio, transmit receive rate, error/retry %, channel history and band use at a particular point in time?

Experience Modern Network Monitoring

Address Issues before they become problems

  • SevOne NPM includes out-of-the-box troubleshooting workflows for rapid and proactive identification and mitigation of performance-impacting events and streamlining Wi-Fi infrastructure maintenance.

Gain comprehensive Wi-Fi infrastructure visibility

  • SevOne NPM presently supports Wi-Fi system offerings from Cisco and Aruba Networks, and unmatched coverage of Wi-Fi clients, wireless access points, and wireless LAN controllers, including support for Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controllers.

Detect rogue access points

  • SevOne NPM enables teams to detect when unexpected, non-IT deployed access points are found within their environments on a per controller basis, and instantly displays the relevant details.

Understand traffic impact

  • SevOne NPM can display in granular detail what traffic was flowing through specific Wi-Fi interfaces at which times to identify how traffic behaviors impact users and applications.

Isolate and view ‘breadcrumbs’

  • SevOne NPM enables users to follow the performance of end user Wi-Fi stations over time to gain new insights and helps them troubleshoot up to a year’s worth of Wi-Fi device to wireless controller performance.

Why SevOne NPM for Wi-Fi Monitoring?

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SevOne NPM provides modern monitoring and analytics solutions that organizations need to monitor their networks today, tomorrow and beyond.