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Truven health analytics

“SevOne provides the best reporting we've seen. We’ve been able to quickly identify broadcast storms, reduce MTTR, and decrease circuit costs.”

Tim Soedarjatno, Team Lead, Network Engineering Services, Truven Health Analytic

Modern Collection

Modern Visualizations & Analytics

  • Isolate specific user and tenant visualizations with a series of multi-tenant-enabled administrative and reporting features.
  • Create simple, scalable, reusable and shareable visualizations and workflows, specific to each of your customers.
  • Support networks of tomorrow with best practice reports for SDN, SD-WAN and Wi-Fi.
  • Toggle easily between dark and light mode dashboards to maximize presentation and communication effectiveness.
  • View automated baselines calculated for every metric collected to know instantly when something is not normal, and avoid costly penalties when SLAs are not being met.
  • Leverage custom calculations, groupings, dynamic thresholds and more to tailor network performance analysis to specific operational requirements.

Modern Integration

  • Support business decision-making with a real-time, Kafka-based streams of network and infrastructure metrics.
  • Integrate with Juypter notebooks to visualize 3rd party data sources alongside SevOne data in the same dashboard.
  • Integrate with leading ITSM systems, such as ServiceNow, for smoother, more unified operational workflows.

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