Using SevOne NPM to Monitor SD-WAN Networks

Mitigate the transitional risk of moving from legacy WANs to SD-WANs

Mitigate Risks

SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) complements the management capabilities delivered with SD-WAN controllers by delivering continuous visibility into WAN infrastructure. With customizable, persona-based dashboards for network operations, network engineering and line of business owners, users now have greater insight into the network services running on them, helping their teams:

    • Ease the transition to SD-WAN – Monitor existing, traditional MPLS WAN and new software-defined WAN segments from a single, unified dashboard. Automatically monitor new SD-WAN infrastructure as soon as it is deployed.
    • Automate path and class data correlation – Automated, dynamic and correlated analysis of controller data for easy visualization of what traffic was transmitted at what class and path as assigned by the SD-WAN controller.
    • Visualize SD-WAN Tunnels – Create visualizations to show traffic, alerts, and availability, with drill-downs to tunnel data to help simplify access to KPIs for troubleshooting.
    • Extend Visibility Across Their Entire Network – Extend visibility to other critical network assets, such as enterprise campus and branch office Wi-Fi, software defined data centers, and public clouds.
    • Integrate with Operational Models – Modify dashboards to create and share operational and business views, then combine them as workflows across teams to better fit into operational models.

Validate Policies with Access to KPIs

SevOne NPM collects and analyzes a series of multi-vendor key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable users to:

  • Learn business application usage and asset utilization for cost-savings analysis
  • Understand the impact of SD-WAN policies on application behavior and performance
  • Monitor events and identify the root causes that led to the events
  • Provide actionable intelligence for mitigating risks and correcting problems
  • Create customized, aggregated KPIs of SD-WAN services by customer, business group, path & more

With consistent access to these KPIs, network operations and engineering teams can:

  • Validate the performance of your SD-WAN policies.
  • Leverage automated, dynamic and correlated analysis of Cisco, Versa and Nuage SD-WAN controller data.
  • Visualize which traffic was transmitted in which classes and on which paths per SD-WAN controller assignments.

SD-WAN Dashboards

SevOne NPM includes a series of out-of-the-box dashboards to help network operations and engineering teams to:

  • Gain full visibility of your entire WAN infrastructure during and after the transition.
  • Reduce MTTR - Shorten the time it takes to identify what’s happening, where, why, and who’s being affected.
  • Reduce TCO through tool consolidation.


Why SevOne NPM for SD-WAN Monitoring?

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