Using SevOne NPM to Monitor SDN Networks

Complete Visibility Across Your Cisco ACI Infrastructure

Modern Software-Defined Network Monitoring & Analytics


SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) complements and extends Cisco ACI’s built-in control layer with performance management insight into both the software overlay and Nexus switch-based underlay network. This insight further extends to include multi-fabric views that add entirely new dimensions of performance monitoring functionality across their entire Cisco ACI deployment.

Multi-Fabric SDN Performance Monitoring

SevOne NPM delivers unique insights into both the virtual and physical components of an infrastructure, along with the relationships between them. SevOne NPM provides broad coverage, deriving baselining and trending intelligence from all types of network segments – old and new, and stores that data to enable subsequent real-time and historical analysis. These unique, multi-fabric views make it faster and easier for teams to spot and fix performance issues. They also yield insights about how to optimize network resources and deployments that are valuable for business continuity, capacity planning, and other operational functions.

  • Monitor your existing, traditional network and new software-defined infrastructure from the same dashboard.
  • Gain real-time, granular visibility of more than 30 different KPIs from your new Cisco ACI infrastructure immediately upon deployment.

Automated SDN KPI Monitoring

This solution integrates directly with the ACI Control layer and the underlying physical infrastructure for complete visibility into all the entities comprising a Cisco ACI-based deployment. This integration enables operations and engineering teams to visualize and understand the health and performance of both the virtual (overlay) and the physical (underlay) components of an infrastructure, along with the relationships between them. Below is a list of some of the more important Cisco ACI components monitored by the SevOne NPM.

  • Understand how your infrastructure’s performance affects the applications and services available in your Cisco ACI deployment.
  • Easily extend visibility to other critical data center assets, or across the campus, wide area networks and branch offices.

Broader and Deeper Network Performance Views of Cisco ACI, Plus More Context

With Cisco ACI, network operators get a single fabric view within the Cisco ACI embedded management tools.  While this is useful, it is even more useful when it’s presented in the broader context of a full network environment. This Solution delivers multi-fabric views by folding in Cisco ACI data, along with performance intelligence gathered differently architected segments and resources, such as other core elements of a typically multi-vendor datacenter (e.g.  Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco UCS servers, F5 load balancers), and the rest of their network, including campus routing and switching, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, branch offices and more.

SevOne NPM includes enhanced Cisco ACI fabric and switch capacity analysis dashboards for at-a-glance visibility into resource consumption information. It automatically collects and updates metadata related to Cisco ACI components, including the recognition of ACI Contract objects. This collection provides important configuration-related details within reports and dashboards, and provides additional metadata for enhanced reporting.

  • Create the dashboard and visualizations your operations and engineering teams require for a smooth transition to Cisco ACI.
  • Leverage pre-built visualizations including:
    • Tenant TopN Dashboard, Spine/Leaf Link Utilization, and Aggregated Views
    • Calendar, TopN, and Metadata Heatmaps
    • Proactive Detection of Anomalies
    • Automated Topology Maps

Why SevOne NPM for SDN Monitoring?

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