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Delivering Operational Insight for Complex, Dynamic Environments

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SDN: Challenges

As Software-Defined Networking (SDN) evolves, its promise is clear: agility. Enterprises and communication service providers alike have been able to significantly accelerate the time to deliver new applications and services as a direct result of software-defined technology. Despite the benefits of SDN, the technology also introduces new challenges:

  • Challenge 1:  Addressing dynamic real-time change. 
  • Challenge 2:  Accommodating rapid on-demand growth.
  • Challenge 3:  Integrating service context.


Watch a brief video about industry professionals describe the challenges of adopting SDN technology.

Achieving Operational Insight in SDN & NFV Environments

Legacy monitoring tools were never designed to manage performance in elastic, complex infrastructures. In order to achieve operational insight, the management platform must deliver analytics that reveal the business impact of infrastructure performance on your applications and services.

It must also recognize application and service context. With SDN, it's not about monitoring a fixed set of devices, but instead visualizing a collection of variables.

In addition, assuring service delivery with SDN and NFV requires you to understand both your physical and virtual infrastructure, map the rapidly changing dependencies, and correlate events.

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SevOne Operational Insight

Software-Defined Network Monitoring​

Our customers process more than 25 billion metrics per day using our SevOne Cluster™. With a next-generation architecture built on the concepts of distributed computing, our integrated system delivers performance to the worlds largest networks.

SevOne helps achieve this goal by removing visibility gaps and providing true speed at scale that allows you to leverage the power of integrated metrics, flows and logs.   

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Complete Infrastructure Visibility

SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (SevOne PAS™) is capable of monitoring performance metrics and flow data -- all while scaling to support billions of monitored objects as part of a SevOne Cluster™.

  • Customers continually receive linear scalability in collection, monitoring, and reporting.
  • View all data sources in a single dashboard.
  • Rapid troubleshooting workflows with better communication throughout teams.

The Fastest Performance Monitoring Solution

SevOne PAS™ is today’s fastest, most scalable data collection, monitoring, reporting and analysis solution. Add SevOne PLA™, and you get a single, integrated dashboard of metrics, flows and logs.

Real Time Threshholds

Get threshold-based alerts on raw log activity, in real time.

First-Occurence Alerts

Receive notification when a new log type appears in your infrastructure

Automated Baselines

Get deviation-based alerts in real-time without the need for “swivel chair monitoring”

SevOne.  Flexibility.  Scale.  Speed.

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