SevOne Streaming Data Collectors


Since the late 1980s when SNMP instrumented network devices were first available on the market, the model for producing and collecting network performance data has not changed much. Network equipment providers instrumented their devices enabling external management systems, to periodically poll devices for their latest management data, typically once every five minutes.

This model of polling for data every five minutes was adequate in the days of static networks. But in today’s world of virtualized and intent-based networks where accurate and timely performance data is critical for continuous operations, depending solely on a poll-based architecture can limit the scale and efficiency of networks as a whole.

To address these challenges, network equipment providers are beginning to support a new “push” type of model that eliminates the need for management systems to poll devices. Now, management systems can request specific network telemetry data be sent to them.

SevOne is ready to address this market challenge. SevOne Streaming Data Collectors for Cisco IOS XR, Cisco IOS XE and Juniper JTI provide options to collect streams of network telemetry data. These collectors are an integral component of delivering the insight you need to reach your business agility, efficiency and reliability goals.


Faster, more accurate troubleshooting and SLA compliance

  • Visibility of network streaming telemetry sources
  • Automated insight into bursty traffic, often invisible to polling
  • Enable real-time visibility of service-levels
  • Leverage tagging to easily group and track metrics key to your SLAs

More precise capacity planning and optimization

  • Granular trend analysis
  • Easily create traffic aggregations for use in capacity analysis
  • More accurately plan new services with even more detailed performance data

Granular policy-based event detection and alert subscriptions to drive automation

  • Create alert subscriptions of real-time data analysis in SevOne Data Cloud to send to 3rd party orchestration and automation systems

New business value discovery through flexible data science analytics

  • Apply a series of advanced analytics available in SevOne Data Cloud to real-time and historical streams