High-Frequency Polling

Supported Technology

Effective performance management relies on having access to the right information on a timely basis. To give you the most comprehensive view of your network, SevOne collects and analyzes metrics from different industry performance sources as well as proprietary, time-stamped data. This view is valuable, however, only to the extent that the data collected is accurate.

The more data points on a performance indicator you collect, the more complete — and, hence, the more accurate — your view will be. The more important the network link, the more accurate your data needs to be. Five-minute polling may be sufficient for much of the infrastructure, but that frequency is woefully inadequate for a critical link that carries latency-sensitive data.

If, for example, the polling interval is set at 1-minute, a 1-second spike in bandwidth utilization will be completely flattened and impossible to diagnose because 1-second represents only 1.7% of the total monitoring time. In the typical 5-minute poll cycle of most monitoring systems, those critical seconds will appear as only little more than 0.33% of the total elapsed time — well below the radar of most network managers. Nevertheless, this 1-second spike is of sufficient duration to disrupt automated trading applications, IP telephony (VoIP), online financial transactions, and any other latency-sensitive communications.

The SevOne High-Frequency Polling feature can monitor critical interfaces at 1-second intervals. SevOne’s highly optimized polling engine ensures minimal impact on the network while gathering the vital statistics that you need to manage your critical IT infrastructure.

Unique Capabilities:

Parallel Polling

  • High-Frequency Polling takes place from all appliances in the SevOne Cluster™ in parallel, with each appliance leveraging 300 multi-threaded pollers to ensure that polling intervals are met and data are not missed. This capability affords a competitive edge to time-sensitive business processes, such as high-frequency trading in the financial industry.

Monitoring Interfaces

  • SevOne monitors thousands of interfaces via SNMP or NetFlow without having to deploy probes and specialized systems. However, if probes are already deployed, SevOne can incorporate their metrics into SevOne baselines, alerts, and reports.

Selective 1-Second Polling

  • SevOne polls specific objects/elements at 1-second intervals without having to poll the entire device at the same rate, saving data storage space for your most important data.