Performance Alerting

Supported Technology

IT operations need proactive notifications in real-time in order to address user impacting issues as they happen. When services go down, are degraded, or begin to trend towards failure, the SevOne Data Platform alerts you that your immediate attention is needed. With one click, you have complete visibility into the performance information you need to quickly isolate, assess, and resolve issues before they impact your customers.​

The SevOne Data Platform gives you multiple capabilities of performance alerts tailored to your role in the organization. These real-time and dynamic views help you understand the state of your network immediately.

Unique Benefits:

Alert Summaries

  • This alert summary dashboard  view shows you device health by severity, and lets you immediately visualize the most important alerts. By expanding the view of groups and sites, you can easily drill down to the specific devices that caused the problem. With one easy click, you can obtain instant status reports of the latest performance data.


  • Easily create device- and link-based status dashboards with geospatial maps and customized images (e.g. floor maps, server rooms, etc.), automated map clustering and bookmarks for quick access to key visualizations.

Alert Console

  • This real-time view shows you the performance alerts that need attention. With one click, you can instantly obtain a current status report of the device, object or third-party data source that generated the alert.

Proactive Notifications

  • Meeting one or more performance monitoring conditions will trigger a threshold-based alert that will allow you to take action to avoid a service disruption. SevOne gives you early indication of pending performance problems, which helps reduce downtime and ensures your users can access their critical IT resources continuously. 


    SevOne Data Platform provides two types of thresholds:
  • Static - Static Thresholds trigger when a KPI exceeds your specific tolerance, or when KPIs - such as response times from IP SLA tests, HTTP, DNS, TCP and any other third party, time-stamped metric - fail to meet the desired targets.
  • Dynamic - SevOne Data Platform automatically builds baseline values for the normal utilization for any period of the day, and will alert you when performance levels exceed historical norms. Dynamic thresholds can be set above and below the baseline value so that you receive alerts if network traffic levels either spike or drop dramatically.

Trap Handling

  • SevOne Data Platform fully supports the sending and receiving of trap notifications. These critical sources of information can be presented alongside SevOne-generated events and alerts, and can also flow upstream to your event correlation systems as valuable performance information to help IT Operations teams with troubleshooting.