SevOne's Performance Appliance Solution (PAS)

Supported Technology

SevOne’s unique peer-to-peer network monitoring appliance solution is delivered complete, and is ready out-of-the-box to collect data and monitor your key performance indicators. The SevOne performance monitoring solution is available in both physical and virtual appliances.

SevOne Performance Appliance Solution

The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (SevOne PAS™) is the industry's fastest, most scalable and comprehensive data collection, monitoring, reporting and analysis solution available today. Each SevOne PAS is packaged as a full-featured integrated appliance capable of monitoring your network or IT Operations within minutes of installation. No additional software, hardware, or external databases are needed for the SevOne PAS to operate.

  • Each SevOne PAS includes the database, server administration, and a streamlined upgrade process that dramatically reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)
  • Each SevOne PAS includes all available monitoring technologies - SNMP, ICMP, IP SLA, NetFlow, NBAR, VoIP, XML, WMI, vCenter, API, JMX and more - with no additional licensing
  • Each appliance can automatically become an additional member of the SevOne Cluster™ and quickly provide reports on any indicator, on any device, or on any application monitored
  • SevOne appliances collect and store one year of raw performance data optimally without requiring aggregation
  • Unlike competitive products that take months to deploy and require weeks of special training to use, the SevOne PAS takes only hours to get up and running

A VMware-based virtual appliances, known as the SevOne vPAS™, is also available in the 5K, 10K, and 20K models.

Performance Appliances

Model Max Objects Monitored Chassis
SevOne PAS 5K 5,000 1 U Rack Mountable
SevOne PAS 10K 10,000 1 U Rack Mountable
SevOne PAS 20K 20,000 1 U Rack Mountable
SevOne PAS 60K 60,000 2 U Rack Mountable
SevOne PAS 200K 200,000 2 U Rack Mountable