SevOne Alerting


SevOne baselines every metric that relates to capacity, utilization, and response times. Any time performance falls outside of custom defined baselines, proactive alerts are immediately sent to help manage potential issues with IT infrastructures.


SevOne helps you detect smoke before the fire, preventing IT issues that would otherwise render customers and end users without the level of service they expect. SevOne baselines every metric it collects, in regards to capacity, utilization, and response times, providing a 10 week rolling baseline of normal behavior for your network and data center. Thresholds can then be established, based on static levels or deviations from that baseline performance.

Any time performance of your network, applications or systems falls outside of your define thresholds, proactive alerts are triggered. These status alerts can be viewed from SevOne's real time dashboard, received via email, or managed from the SevOne mobile app, so you are always on top of potential issues with your IT infrastructure. With SevOne, operations teams are able to achieve faster mean time to resolution, enforce strict IT policies and service level agreements, and head off potential issues before they impact end users or disrupt business.