SevOne Performance Log Appliance: Message Routing and Access Lists


SevOne Product Manager, Tom Grabowski explains how to utilize message routing and access lists to balance the flow of log messages across multiple SevOne Performance Log Appliances.


Hi, this is Tom Grabowski with SevOne product management. Today I'm going to show you the new feature and PLA 2.0 for message routing and access lists. Log in to my demo appliance and we're going to start out right in the settings and data inputs. This is where you configure message routing. The manage access lists where you can create an access list of how you want to route the messages. When I go ahead and create a new access list. I'll just call this access list Tom. And I'll add an entry. I'm going to just forward everything. IP address would be the source IP address that you want to forward form.

You can have all kinds of actions. The list will have a number of rules. You can have any number of rules. I'm going to start with 1. Let's just say forward everything. This is going to go to my other PLA, port 514. Any events that are coming in, I want to have forwarded on. I can match a specific Reg X or string pattern in here, severity, facility, and just say whether to stop on match or not. That's probably more to do with, like you have multiple rules, since I'm only going to have one rule, I can stop on the match here and create- it's important once you create an item or, say you create the list that you want, you want to save that so the little disc icon here will save that access list.

Go to our data inputs and here I'm just going to pick one of these data inputs that I want to use the access list on. So my SevOne logs. I'm going to forward these logs to my other appliance here. You notice 514 I have 0 events, I'm not collecting any messages right now on it. If I add my access list, I go down and select the "Tom" one I just created. Save those changes, so as I'm collecting these events I should start to see events up here. Probably should stop, and start. And there we've got new events coming in. Still coming in, and now we see the events coming in here.

So you'll see that by using the message routing you can route messages from one appliance to another, you can use a set of rules and access lists, you can use it as load balancing for multiple appliances. It is a way of routing your log messages in your network and whether it's going to a different application or between PLA applications. Thanks for listening, again this is Tom Grabowski, product manager at SevOne.