What's New in 5.5

Automated Infrastructure Context

With SevOne, operations teams can now automatically understand physical and logical network topological relationships. Using a variety of discovery techniques, SevOne can now display L2/L3 network connectivity with real-time status overlays. These L2/L3 relationships are stored as metadata and can be accessed via a topographical display as shown here, or directly via the SevOne northbound API.

Topology Report

User Action Logging


Operations teams now have a standard audit log format for 25+ different user interaction with SevOne appliances, including: Failed Login Attempts User Logouts, Flow Settings Changes, IP SLA Changes, Cluster Manger Settings Changes and more.

Automatic Monitoring

Using a new feature called Selective Discovery, operations teams can now determine precisely what they want to automatically monitor by implementing a series of include/exclude rules for discovered objects.

Automatic Monitoring

Expanded Flow Analysis

The Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) solution is a suite of services in select Cisco ISR, ASR and Wireless LAN controllers that provides application-level classification, monitoring and traffic control. SevOne has extended its flow monitoring capabilities to support Cisco AVC with extended flow metric fields such as latency, packet loss and jitter.

Cisco AVC - Application Response Time


Dataminer helps users extract ingested metrics (id, value and timestamps) from SevOne and then integrate this data into third party systems like Business Intelligence analytics tools, portals or long-term storage systems.

Using SevOne 5.5 and the new Dataminer feature users have:

All the Data

  • The ability to export all metrics data, regardless of the source
  • Flexible filtering rules to show what’s relevant and what’s not

At Their Fingertips

  • High performance data extraction
  • 10 minute extraction intervals

For Operational Insight

  • Machine and human-readable export format


Feature 5.5x 5.4x 5.3x 5.2x
Automated Infrastructure Context  x      
Cisco AVC Support x      
Selective Discovery  x      
User Action Logging  x      
Dataminer  x      
Integrated Metrics Flows and Logs  x x    
Metric to Log – Single Click  x x    
Metadata Support for Enhanced Reporting x x    
Hierarchical Object Types x x    
Days to Threshold Report – Capacity Planning x x    
Local Language Support – French, Russian, Japanese and Spanish  x x x  
Global/Advanced Search  x x x  
xStats x x x x
10 Day New SNMP Metric Certification x x x x
SevOne Cluster Architecture ™ x x x x
Polling Technologies: SNMP v1-v3, ICMP, DNS, HTTP, NBAR, QoS  x x x x
Flow Collection: NetFlow v5-v9, IPFIX, sFlow, J-Flow x x x x
Response Time: IPSLA, ICMP, TCP Port Response, HTTP, URL x x x x
VoIP Telephony: RTCP, SIP, SOAP x x x x
Servers and Applications: SNMP, WMI, JMX, vSphere API, Process Polling x x x x
Physical and Virtual Appliances x x x x