SevOne xStats™

Supported Technology

Integrate any Time-Stamped Data into SevOne

To provide immediate visibility into how your digital infrastructure is performing, SevOne collects performance metrics from more than a dozen, industry-standard protocols— an out-of-the-box collection capability that is more complete than any other on the market today. But, not every device or service in your infrastructure can be supported via these common methods – that’s why we’ve created SevOne xStats™.

SevOne xStats enables the collection of any time-stamped data into your SevOne performance monitoring system, and then treats that data as if it were from one of our out-of-the-box sources with automatic baselines and dynamic threshold-based alerts when metrics deviate from the historical norms.

SevOne xStats can integrate metrics from any source into your SevOne performance monitoring system, including public cloud resources, network probes, proprietary business applications, element management systems from network equipment vendors, and more.

Integrations include SevOne xStats Adapters for use with:

Hybrid Cloud and Data Center

Amazon AWS appneta Arista IPMI Logo

4G LTE - Access to Core

Vision EMS Alcatel Lucent Service Aware Manager StarOS
Ericsson Operational Support System - Radio and Core Mitel LTE/IMS/VAS Nokia NetAct IMS

In addition, SevOne has a professional service offering to incorporate any time-stamped data, based on unique customer requirements. Examples of these include:

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