SevOne® xStats® Adapter for use with Arista EOS®

Supported Technology

As enterprise and service provider teams continue to move toward more virtualized network infrastructures to meet their scalability needs, the methods used to analyze device performance data are also changing. Pioneering companies like Arista Networks, for instance, are going beyond SNMP-based polling, with an architecture that allows for flexible, low-level, API-based access for configuration, control and monitoring of an Arista EOS-based, physical and virtual network infrastructure.

In order to help monitor the Arista EOS-based infrastructure, SevOne offers the xStats Adapter for use with Arista EOS. Using SevOne xStats any third party, time-stamped data can be brought into the SevOne platform and correlated to other performance metric, log and flow data. This adapter integrates with the Arista eAPI to allow users to see the performance of their Arista EOS-based infrastructure from a single SevOne dashboard.

All The Data

  • Collect and correlate Arista EOS-based performance metrics

At Your Fingertips

  • Visibility across your Arista-based infrastructure in a single dashboard

For Service Delivery Insight

  • Automatically monitor the infrastructure

With the SevOne xStats Adapter for use with Arista EOS, users can collect and report on:​

Arista SwitchArista Interface TransceiverInterface TxPowerTransceiver Transmit Power (Instantaneous reading)I/O Performance
  Interface TemperatureTransceiver Temperature (Instantaneous reading)I/O Environmentals
  Interface VoltageTransceiver Voltage (Instantaneous reading)I/O Performance
  Interface RxPowerTransceiver Receive Power (Instantaneous reading)I/O Performance
  Interface TxBiasTransceiver Transmit Power Bias (Instantaneous reading)I/O Performance
 Arista InterfaceInbound OctetsInterface Inbound OctetsNetwork Performance
  Inbound Unicast PacketsInterface Inbound Unicast PacketsNetwork Performance
  Outbound Broadcast PacketsInterface Outbound Broadcast PacketsNetwork Performance
  Outbound Unicast PacketsInterface Outbound Unicast PacketsNetwork Performance
  Outbound Multicast PacketsInterface Outbound Multicast PacketsNetwork Performance
  Inbound Multicast PacketsInterface Inbound Multicast PacketsNetwork Performance
  Inbound Broadcast PacketsInterface Inbound Broadcast PacketsNetwork Performance
  Inbound Discarded PacketsInterface Inbound Packet DiscardsNetwork Performance
  Outbound OctetsInterface Outbound OctetsNetwork Performance
  Outbound Discarded PacketsInterface Outbound Packet DiscardsNetwork Performance
 Arista Interface LLDPReceived ErrorsL2 Received ErrorsL2 Performance
  Received FramesL2 Received FramesL2 Performance
  Transmitted FramesL2 Transmitted FramesL2 Performance
  Received DiscardsL2 Discarded Received FramesL2 Performance
  TLVS DiscardedL2 Discarded Frames due to TLVS errorsL2 Performance
  TLVS UnknownL2 Discarded Frames due to unknown TLVSL2 Performance
  Transmitted Frames Length ExceededL2 Discarded Frames due to excessive lengthL2 Performance
 AAA Object TypeAuthorizations DeniedNumber of AAA session failures due to authentication denied errorsAAA
  Authentications SucceededNumber of successful AAA AuthenticationsAAA
  Accounting ErrorsNumber of AAA session failures due to accounting errorsAAA
  Authorizations UnavailableNumber of AAA session failures due to authorization unavailable errorsAAA
  Accounting SuccessesNumber of successful AAA Accounting messagesAAA
  Authorizations AllowedNumber of successful AAA AuthorizationsAAA

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