Bridgewater PCRF xStats Adapter

Supported Technology

The Bridgewater PCRF is a policy server specifically designed to help service providers manage the impact of mobile data growth on their networks and generate revenue from personalized services.

The Bridgewater PCRF xStats adapter from SevOne measures the following key metrics:

  • BWC App Throughput Number of Requests
  • BWC App Throughput Number of Success
  • BWC App Throughput Number of Failures

These Key Performance Indicators are representative of what can be achieved with SevOne’s xStats adapter for the Bridgewater PCRF. SevOne can provide additional metrics based on your monitoring needs.

Below is an example of how SevOne graphs Key Performance Indicators, such as subscriber handling success and failure rates.

A Graph of SevOne Monitoring The Bridgewater PCRF Policy Server

What Are the Benefits?

SevOne’s xStats adapters provide the fastest, most flexible way to collect multiple data sources and present them in side-by-side dashboards, even when SNMP is not available. For example, users can build monitoring dashboards that look at transport statistics from networks alongside response time metrics from active testing solutions and probes, or dashboards that look at session count statistics captured as they traverse the network with session count statistics from the hosts, as well.

The Bridgewater PCRF xStats Adapter, available through SevOne Professional Services is designed to provide the insight you require, without having to cross-reference multiple Element Management Systems and Network Management Systems at the same time.