Intelligent Platform Management Interface

Supported Technology

Monitoring today’s datacenters requires a rich understanding of their infrastructure. This includes network, compute, storage and environmental resources, plus detailed knowledge of per CPU power, temperature, voltage and current utilization. SevOne® xStats Adapter for use with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) helps achieve this goal by supporting more than 200 computer systems vendors. It provides consistent access to environmental metrics for vendors including Cisco, Dell, HP and NEC, among others.

SevOne xStats can be leveraged anywhere third-party, time-stamped metrics can be brought into the SevOne platform and correlated with other metric, flow and log data. It integrates via the open interfaces of IPMI v1.5 and v2.0 to enable you to create SevOne dashboards with critical environmental and operational metrics from across the entire compute infrastructure.

Intel Intelligent Platform Management Interfece

  • SevOne users can leverage the open APIs of IPMI for performance visibility of CPU environmental metrics
  • Correlate IPMI-based metrics with flow and log data from across your infrastructure.
  • Collect billions of performance metrics, with reports, in seconds.
  • Automatically monitor the infrastructure your business relies on.

Performance Metrics Gathered

This SevOne xStats Adapter is designed to collect the following data from IPMI-based servers:

Device Object Indicator Description KPI
IPMI Baseboard Management Controller IPMI IO Sensor IO Plane Temperature Temperature
  IPMI Ambient Sensor Server Ambient Temperature Temperature
  IPMI Current Sensor PSU Input Current Current
  IPMI Voltage Sensor PSU Input Voltage Voltage
  IPMI System Sensor System Average Temperature Temperature
  IPMI Cumulative Energy Consumption Reading Server cumulative power consumption Power
  IPMI System Peak Power Peak Reading System peak power reading Power
  IPMI System Peak Amperage Peak Reading System peak current reading Current
  IPMI Fan Sensor Fan Speed Fan Speed
  IPMI Inlet Temp Sensor Server Air Inlet Temperature Temperature
  IPMI Pwr Sensor Server Instant Power Reading Temperature
  IPMI DCMI Instantaneous power reading Server Instant Power Reading Power
    Minimum during sampling period Server Minimum Power Reading Power
    Maximum during sampling period Server Maximum Power Reading Power
    Average power reading over sample period Server Average Power Reading during the sample period Power
    Sampling period Length of the sampling period Time
    Power reading state DCMI Power Sensor state Power
  IPMI Percent Sensor Percent of sensor utilization Percentage

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