NFV Service Assurance

Assure NFV-based architectures in the context of how they were provisioned

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NFV Service Assurance

Carriers worldwide are under continued pressure to innovate and differentiate their services to compete. Around the world, Red Hat’s NFV is being deployed to enable CSPs with the ability to increase their business agility. The SevOne platform provides businesses with automation of assurance, performance and insight into virtual network services to reduce downtime and boost customer loyalty. Together SevOne and Red Hat enable CSPs to implement and operate an NFV-based infrastructure, and gain greater insight into their virtual network services and cloud infrastructure on which it runs – offering CSPs with greater business efficiency and agility along with the ability to reduce operating costs. 


Red Hat and SevOne NFV Architecture

Managing the NFV Transition

The SevOne solution can automatically assure both the virtualized network functions deployed by Red Hat NFV-based implementations and the infrastructure on which it runs. By monitoring each layer of an NFV architecture, the solution can detect when new virtual network functions are deployed and where they are running on Red Hat OpenStack Platform-based infrastructure, enabling automated NFV assurance powered by the SevOne platform to:

·        Acquire – Proven scale to meet the needs of the world’s largest CSPs, collect the broad range metric, flow, log and meta data from all layers of the virtual and physical NFV infrastructure

·        Analyze – Real-time analytics with automated base lining and anomaly detection to reduce service delivery risk

·        Automate – Enable a self-driving, on-demand service assurance system from a cloud platform based on open and extensible APIs

Engineers and racks of servers

NFV Service Assurance Services

SevOne offers a complete set of services to help your organization make the most of your NFV Service Assurance investment, including:

  • Implementation Services – Ensure your SevOne Solution is successfully implemented to meet your requirements, including on-boarding of new VNFs
  • Post-Implementation Services – Engage with SevOne Professional Services for the life cycle of your project with a range of Business and Platform Optimization Services
  • Custom Integration – Integration with your existing tools and solutions based on customer specific requirements
  • Gold and Platinum Maintenance –  A full suite of services from eSupport, Software Updates, 7x24 Technical Customer Assistance, 10-Day New Device and Log Certifications and more
  • Customer Training – Increase your team’s effectiveness and on-going success with customer training sessions led by SevOne experts